kirkwood by the river


Kirkwood by the River realized that potential residents and their families began their search for the right senior living community online, and their outdated site and brand offered little of the community’s flavor.


Hip Brand conducted a discovery phase, interviewing those who live and work at Kirkwood to capture the community’s essence. An important part of this strategy was using photographs of actual residents instead of the bland stock photos used by their competition and a video series, “The Voices of Kirkwood.”


The inviting new site resulted in a large increase in traffic and sales. Now visitors schedule tours with a much better feel for what Kirkwood can offer those who choose the community as their home.

“Motion video is the fastest and most effective way to tell your story.”

According to’s Digital Media Trends blog, video will be the new format of choice for people to share their moments and a go-to tactic for brands to engage with their consumers.

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