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Hip sets the trends. Hip knows the score. Hip rides the new wave. Hip is us.


A great brand can become an icon, a badge of identity, a beacon. The brand doesn’t just have customers, it has believers, enthusiasts, fans. A brand like this doesn’t just happen. It takes a creative team that doesn’t just create advertising. At Hip Brand Group, our real job is not just to be creative, but to draw attention. And that takes drawing on the power of cutting edge technology and cut-through-the-clutter ideas.


Marketing has never been so direct and personal. We no longer just create campaigns, but conversations that matter to the audience with content that is relevant and real. And that takes a brand that will become the sign of the times. Hip Brand Group is a creative studio of writers, designers, builders, strategists, conversation-starters, storytellers who are at the top of their game. We are passionate about our clients and, become deeply knowledgeable about your business in our efforts to craft a truly great brand strategy and the results that follow.






“When it comes to advertising, small can be big.”

Listen to the founder and CEO of Ideasicle, Will Burns: Small agencies can easily put together the same kind of team for your account. And, better yet, the founders will actually work on your business.

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Integrating brand-focused traditional with digital.